Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Kit iniciante

Here we have some essences items, which will help you a lot for your exciting trico kit. We’ll also have some tool tips that I also use to knit.

  1. Straight Needles
    They can be found in different materials: wood, bamboo, metal … For starters, prefer plastic like, cheaper and lighter. The number represents a thickness ranging from 2 to 20 mm. The thicker a wool, but is very useful for a needle.
  2. Tape Measure
    Indispensable at the time of assembly and part.
  3. Little Treasure
    You need it all the time to trim unfinished yarn and to cut wool and threads.
  4. Wires
    presents multi-core skeins, fibers, weights and textures. Train with smooth, medium, and light tones. This way it is easier to distinguish points.
  5. Circular Needle
    The size of the plastic wire that is like two needles will depend on your design. It is in him how careers go and return.
  6. Suitcase
    This is an essential item for those who keep saving so many small things.
  7. Sewing needles
    Needed for embroidery and trim like a one button house.
  8. Needle Case
    In addition to organizing, they prevent one needle from striking the other, causing damage.
  9. Pins with head
    They are considered as previews. In addition, they are also used to mark the stitches of the knitting.
  10. Tip guards
    Preserve the tip of the needle at the time you transport it The size changes according to the thickness of the part.
  11. Point markers
    From different cores, formats and formats, highlighting each type of revenue point,
  12. Careers Counter
    Positioned without needle cable, show how many rows you are knitting.

They are not indispensable items, but it’s the set of tools I always carry with me, whether it’s for the bedroom or when I’m going to spend the afternoon knitting outside the house.

Lacta Can: does not knead what is inside and the lid can be used on uneven surfaces as a support for needles and small items.

Starter KitNail file:
I always have one

Piece of Yarn:
for marks, to draw needle points, make love Lasso, you never know.

Scissors And Cutter:
I preferred the cutter, but also use the scissors too

Career Counters:
those who put the needle and the one who hang the

Neck Point Markers:
I do not always use them, but when you need them, they will be there

you never know when you’re going to need a wire (I use this for braids)

Crochet Hooks:
For hedges, mount points, save fallen points, mount stitches at work.

Sewing And Sewing Needle:
for molds and for drawing the finger (the ferpie part is a joke)

Tape Measure: to measure the size of my love (whether in centimeters or inches)

put the ear and look smart (to make up the head.It was another joke … I stopped)

There are those who knit with their fingers, with their arms, with toothpicks or hashis. There are also those who do not knit and are now watching Netflix. Usually, the kit will change over the life of the knitters. So defining an absolute kit is a little unreal and strange. The important thing is to be happy.

Here, you’ll also find content for beginners like: what needle to use, what types of yarn and tips for beginners.

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