Knit jacket with buttons

Knit jacket with buttons

Today we are going to teach you how to Knit jacket with buttons, I hope you like it and can develop it.

Wire giorgio 08 skeins in color 1181.
Knitting Needle # 7
6 buttons.

Size: 42

Jobs Points: stocking point: right stocking, back knitting, 1/1 bar stitch: * 1 m., 1t *

Sample: a square of 10 cm = 13 points x 19 carreirinha.

How to make knit jacket with buttons:

Back – mount 64 stitches and work 4 rows on p. 1/1 bar. Continue in Stockinette Stitch. At 37 cm from the beginning to the cavas decreases. From each side to every 2 carreirinha: 2 points: 1 point A 59 cm from the start top The remaining 58 points.

Right front: Mount 52 stitches and work 4 rows. In point bar 1/1, beginning with 3 m., 1 t .. Continue knitting in stocking st. A 32 cm from the beginning of the right side to 4 points from the edge (3m., 1 t.) Increase. Every 6 seconds: 1 point (9 turns). At 37 cm from the beginning to the cavas decreases. Like the back. At 53 cm from the beginning to the neckline top. The 8 center points, knit. Each side separately, decreases. Every 2 minutes. 3 points, 2 points (2 laps) and 1 p. (3 turns). At 59 cm from the beginning of the shoot. The remaining 15 points for the shoulder. Make the other side the same.

Left front: Mount 20 stitch and knit, 4 row. In point bar 1/1. Continue in sock, ending with 1 t., 1 m., 1 t., 1 m .. At 37 cm from the onset decreases. For the left arm cavity as on the back. At 59 cm from the top shoot. The 17 p. remaining.

Sleeves: Assemble 32 stitches and knit in p. bar 1/1 for 4 carreirinha .. Continue in stocking point, increase each side every 14 courses: 1 point (5 turns) (= 42 points). At 44 cm from the beginning decrease for cavas every 2 seconds: 2 points, 1 point (14 laps). At 61 cm from the top shoot the remaining 10 points. Make another sleeve just the same.

Gun mode: Close the shoulder on the right side. Lift around neckline 68 knit stitches at 1/1 by 13 cm bar stitch. Top the points. Overlap the front right over the left and close the left shoulder. Preach the buttons, leaving an opening of 17 cm.

Knit jacket with buttons

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