Learn How To Knit This Cute Alice Sweater


– 5 skeins of the Circle Alice wire in color 4323;

– Knitting Needle Circle # 4;

– Circular needle of Circle nº 3.5.

Points used: p. knitting, e.g. stocking, knit drawstring.

Fantasy point: follow the graph 01.


Equal front and back.
Mount 94 stitches on knitting needles and work on p. Knitting. At 2 cm from the beginning, work on p. following fantasy the graph 01. At 35 cm from the beginning, shoot for the cavas on the 2 sides: 2 p. every 2 carr. (1x) and 2p. m. of edges 1 P. every 2 carr. (15x). At 52 cm from the beginning, remaining. Make the other part the same.

Sleeve: Mount 52 stitches on the needles for knitting and knitting in knitting. At 2 m from the beginning, increase by 16 p. interleaved and knit on p. fantasy, according to chart 01. At 2 cm from the beginning, increase on the sides 1 p. every 10 carr. (4x). Î’45 top, top with 2 sides: 2 pcs. each 2 carr. (1x) and 2p. m. of edges 1 p. every 2 carr. (17x). THE 60 cm from the top, top off the remaining points. Do the other sleeve.

Assembly: sew the sleeves in the armholes. Sew the sides of them and the blouse. Neckline: with circular needle, lift 136 stitches around of the neckline and knit at p. knitting. To 4 carr. from the beginning, decrease 40 p. interspersed.

At 8 carr. of the beginning decrease plus 40 p. interspersed. At 10 cars. from the beginning, top off the remaining points.


Artesã: Samara Varella

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